The Connecticut Cat: Pumas in the Eastern United States – Part 2

Mountain Lion, Torres del Paine, Chile by Gregoire Dubois. CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Here is the second post in a collaborative series between myself and Jessica Turner about mountain lions in the Eastern United States. It details the story of the Connecticut Cat, a mountain lion that was hit by a car in Connecticut in 2011. His story is remarkable not only because of his incredible journey, but because it begs a very real question: could mountain lions recolonize the Eastern U.S.? Be sure to visit the link below to read the post!

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  1. I saw one here in Harrisburg Pennsylvania this is not their territory, at first I thought it was a big dog, then I saw his tail he was laying under a pine tree at a local Country Club just as we were driving by he got up and start walking.. I’m not the excitable type but I was so shocked I yelled oh my God there’s a mountain lion, I got chills they’re gorgeous!

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    1. A few years ago a wildlife officer in Ohio took a photo of a puma walking through a nature preserve. Presumably it was a young male that was looking for a female, not unlike the Connecticut Cat. Perhaps you saw the same puma who kept heading East?

      And they certainly are gorgeous. It was quite short-sighted of our ancestors to eliminate so many incredible animals from the Eastern states.


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