The Most Incredible Snow Leopard Video you will Ever See

Pakistan-Web-Cat by SLF Pakistan and the Snow Leopard Trust. Retrieved from

If anyone thinks life as a wild snow leopard (Panthera uncia) is easy, think again! You absolutely must watch this Facebook video of a snow leopard chasing what appears to be a wild sheep down a mountain.

While the footage is grainy and contains no sound, it is the most spectacular video you might ever see. It shows the snow leopard and sheep literally falling down the mountain, plummeting from what look like at least 50 ft (15.2 metres) drops, as they wrestle for survival.

This is the sickest and most incredible video I have ever seen. Mad respect to snow leopards, who have to take extraordinary risks just to eat! The least that we humans can do is to try to avoid making their lives even harder than they already are.

Here is the video!

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    1. Here’s a comment from someone who was there:

      In case the above link doesn’t work, here’s what the comment says:

      “I was there when this happened! But sadly I was still struggling to find the leopard in my frame so I missed it :( Crazy experience, nonetheless. The leopard did get hurt, I could see a big red wound on one shoulder. No idea if it survived later.”

      Sarang Naik:


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