Pantanal jaguar threat

One of the most significant threats to jaguars’ long-term survival is conflict with humans. People kill jaguars for a variety of reasons: retaliation for livestock losses, to use their body parts in Traditional Chinese Medicine, to appear more manly, etc.

It seems that jaguars in the Pantanal are also killed out of spite by drug runners.

While this truly makes me sad, this article offers some hope. It describes how ranchers in the Pantanal, who were once the primary persecutors of jaguars in the area, are outraged by these crimes. Perhaps the balance in the Pantanal is shifting towards tolerance.

Southwest Jaguars

Never underestimate the depravity of the human ape, nor their ability to change. Sad news from the Pantanal, but with the proverbial silver lining. Thanks to

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