The Jaguar

And its Allies

Combining wild felid conservation and human psychology.


A video of a jaguar hunting a caiman in the Pantanal (National Geographic, 2013).

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Where Eco Meets Life

Fearfully Wonderfully Me

Growing in God and inspiring young women one post at a time.

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Live a Millionaire life on a Millennial Budget

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Your Survival Guide for College

paradoxical vagabond

"Fate succumbs many a species; one alone jeopardizes itself." ~W.H. Auden


by Evelina Di Lauro

❣Emotional Queen👑

🎭दो चेहरें हैं,दो लहज़े हैं मेरे...और हर सवाल के दो जवाब "एक मैं जो लिखती हूँ दूजा तुम जो जानते हो"!! 👑Queen Of My Own Thought❣ #MyBlogMyFeeling

The Animal Project

Animal news. World news.


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Unity is strength.