The Jaguar

And its Allies

Combining wild felid conservation and human psychology.


A video of a jaguar hunting a caiman in the Pantanal (National Geographic, 2013).


Fashion and Beauty Blog

Sam Red

Existential and spiritual ponderings

Butterflies & Machineguns

"No snowflake in an avalanche ever feels responsible." - Stanisław Jerzy Lec

The Time Tunnel

This site endeavors to take its readers on a journey through time.

The Girl With Coffe

Share everything she sees

rayzean's sweet escape

The only way to expand your horizon is by doing something that takes you out of your comfort zone.

Panameña enamorada de la vida, escribo mi experiencia como madre, de trabajo y cualquier cosa que se me ocurra :) #Namasté

Roberta Pimentel

Welcome to my blog. Live every day like it was your last. We live only once.

insight07's blog

life is a lovely chaos


A web Blog of Art, Architecture, Design, Travel, Culture, Photography, and Other interesting Things


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