Elusive Argentine Jaguar Photographed Eating a Tapir

Jaguar by Eric Kilby. CC BY-SA 2.0
Jaguar by Eric Kilby. CC BY-SA 2.0

I have just come across an excellent article by Earth Touch News Network’s Sarah Keartes. It highlights exciting photographs from Proyecto Yaguareté (Project Jaguar) of a jaguar (Panthera onca) eating a tapir in the Forest Reserve San Jorge of Argentina. But this was not any jaguar: it was Aratirí.

Aratirí, whose name means “big male,” has been photographed by Proyecto Yaguareté since 2010. He is an important animal, because he is one of Argentina’s 200 remaining adult jaguars. But in October 2015 Aratirí vanished after killing and eating another tapir in Iguazú National Park. Proyecto Yaguareté’s camera traps have now confirmed that he is both alive and well. Here is a summary of his story:

Click here for the original article and here for the photos

About Proyecto Yaguareté (Project Jaguar)

Proyecto Yaguareté is working to maintain a viable population of jaguars in the highly threatened and bio-diverse Atlantic Forests of South America. They focus on studying rare Agrentine jaguars and their habitats, and then applying what they learn to conservation action. Please visit Proyecto Yaguareté’s website to learn more (it can be viewed in Spanish or English). Also, they share a good deal of information and media on their Facebook page. I recommend following them there.




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    1. You’re completely right, B. If jaguars weren’t so elusive, it’s likely their numbers would be much smaller than they are. Their elusiveness makes them hard to study, but it’s one of the reasons they’re able to survive in areas where they’re often shot on sight.

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