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Hiking on Mount Rainier in 2012.
Hiking on Mount Rainier in 2012.

I am delighted to announce that I have collaborated with Dr. Les Higgins of Ourgreengenes to create a new guest post. It is now up on his excellent blog, and I hope you will follow the link below to read it.

This post is unlike anything I have written for The Jaguar and its Allies. It is a biographical post about the history of my relationship with nature. I do not often write about myself on this blog, so this is a great chance to learn a little more about me.

More importantly, please check out Les’ blog! I always enjoy reading his posts, and I think you will too.


Please do not read any further until you have clicked on this link  and discovered (or re-visited) a very different and remarkable website and blog.

Josh Gross, the creator of the site and author of the blog, has channelled his love of nature in a way

Josh hiking on Mount Ranier 2012 Josh hiking on Mount Ranier 2012

that is both unique and inspirational. More than that, he has made his blog a powerful advocacy tool on behalf of a number of species of endangered or threatened animals. Needless to say, I was both delighted and honoured when Josh agreed to write a guest post for ourgreengenes. He has entitled his post “My personal relationship with nature: loss and recovery”. You will read how he had the common adolescent experience of disengagement from nature. But you will also be intrigued and even surprised by the experiences that restored his connection and indeed took it to new heights.(Make…

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14 Thoughts

  1. I loved this post, and not only because I always enjoy learning more about the person behind the blog :D
    I know exactly how it feels like to finally find ‘your passion’ after being a bit .. aimless (?) in life. The feeling is amazing and incredibly motivating and it definitely shows in your case! I’m really happy things worked out this way for you, keep up your great work! :)

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  2. Well done, Josh! Your story is powerful, your love of nature is inspiring and what a privilege to meet the person behind the blog!

    I especially love this, “urban green spaces should not be taken for granted. It was my local metro parks district that first allowed me to nurture my love for nature.” I think urban green spaces and are excellent for inspiring young minds, indeed. Great insight. All the best with your future plans, and yes keep on educating us about wildlife. 👏👏👏

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    1. Thank you Khaya! Since the majority of the world’s population now lives in cities or suburbs, we need to find ways to get them to care about nature. The best way to do this is to have urban green spaces, like metro parks, that give them a chance to explore the natural world.

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  3. It was wonderful to read your about your passion and how didn’t let it go and finally followed the calling :) It was very inspiring. :) All my best wishes to you in this field and I hope you achieve all your dreams!!

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  4. A rare glimpse into the man behind The Jaguar….
    Thanks for sharing, one must never give up on a passion (if its a healthy one obviously hahaha) inspirational stuff, finding yourself is never an easy path
    Cheers *tips coffee mug*

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  5. Congrats! this is very unique, and very special. I can only imagine that you will continue to do well and continue to make great progress as you continue with your work and love for wildlife. -Shay-lon

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