On Snow Leopard Mountain – Beautiful Video

Rocks of Nun Kun Massif (Ladakh – India) by Wajahat Iqbal. CC BY-SA 4.0

I have just stumbled upon a fantastic video from BBC Earth Unplugged. It features Tsewang Norboo of Ulley Village in Ladakh, India, who gives us a rare glimpse into his world. He discusses the shifting attitudes among Ladakhis towards wild animals, shares stories about his encounters with them, and highlights the importance of wildlife for his village. It is obvious from this video that Tsewang deeply loves his mountainous landscape, and it is a privilege to hear him talk about it.

On Snow Leopard Mountain also boasts some of the most extraordinary cinematography I have ever seen. It contains beautiful footage of village life in Ulley, the mountains of Ladakh, and of snow leopards. There is even a clip of a snow leopard calling, which is truly remarkable.

Be sure to watch On Snow Leopard Mountain below; you will not be disappointed.


11 Thoughts

    1. You visited Ladakh? The area looks magical in photos, I can only imagine what it would’ve been like to be there for real. Oddly enough I ended up spending much of my time in Belize with a man who’s originally from Nepal, so the mountainous regions of Northern India and Nepal have been on my mind a lot lately.


        1. Lol! Based on my experiences, it’s easy to adjust to life in very rural settings without TV and internet. Daily tasks are more time-consuming, which helps cut down on boredom. People also tend to make up for the loss of TV and internet by spending more time talking to one another, which is refreshing.


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