Thanks for Supporting Tigers on Global Tiger Day!

Tigers are one of the few big cats who love water, with jaguars being another example. Tiger by Poisonpill. CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Yesterday I received an email from Panthera: the NGO that is dedicated to conserving the world’s wild cat species. They were running an important fundraiser for Global Tiger Day (July 29), in which they were trying to raise $25,000. This money would help support Panthera’s Tigers Forever program, which has begun to lead to tiger recoveries in five of their sites. To assist with their efforts, I shared Panthera’s fundraiser on this blog. I am happy to report that they exceeded their $25,000 goal in under one week.

This is excellent news. It shows that people all around the world care about tigers (Panthera tigris), and that they are willing to act to save this magnificent cat. Therefore I want to personally thank everyone who contributed to Panthera’s fundraiser. This money will go to anti-poaching efforts and other measures that have been shown to be beneficial for tiger conservation.

Of course, it is going to take more than $25,000 to secure the tiger’s future. For this reason, Panthera has made it their goal to raise $1 million for tigers within the next two years. The Robertson Foundation is helping out, as they have agreed to match all new and increased donations. But it will still be a challenge to meet this ambitious goal, so please consider making a donation and/or sharing Panthera’s campaign on social media.

Thanks again for your help! The tiger’s situation is bleak, but if enough people work together we can reverse its decline.

Click here for a copy of the email Panthera sent me, and here to read about the Robertson Fund Tiger Match campaign.

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