Of Serendipity: A Series Of Fortunate Events


Standing on top of Temple IV in Tikal; temples I, II, and III are visible in the background.

Here is a guest post I wrote for my friend B, the author of Becoming the Muse. It concerns a series of bizarre coincidences that occurred while I was in Belize; coincidences which made my time there much more successful. Feel free to check it out! While you are there, I recommend you read some of B’s posts too: you will not be disappointed.

Becoming The Muse

Guest Post

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Being someone who is interested in various sciences, I try to project a rational image to the world. But I encountered a set of coincidences during a recent trip to Belize that seemed too perfect to happen by chance. It almost felt as if some invisible force was organizing the flow of events; putting me exactly where I needed to be at the right times.

I recently spent six weeks in Belize. During the first half of this trip I was participating in an archaeological field school: living in a subtropical rainforest and excavating Mayan ruins. Once that program ended, I spent another three weeks traveling on my own. During this time I was learning about jaguar conservation, whilst also looking for opportunities to perform my master’s research. It was during this phase that the most incredible coincidences occurred.

One of these events unfolded during my second week…

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  1. I seen this throughout various post of yours, and wanted to pointed it out. There is no such term as “Mayan” the correct term is “Maya” regardless if you are regarding it as the culture, name place or its people. Not a big deal and often a common mistake, I made it myself until it was corrected. :)

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