The Jaguar and its Allies – Truly Inspired #9

The amount of support I have been getting from other bloggers lately is astounding. My friend Bloke from A Guy Called Bloke recently asked me to participate in his Truly Inspired series. This series of guest posts is all about the creative process. It deals with how artists and writers generate their content, what helps them to be creative, and more.

I am pleased to announce that the post is now up! Feel free to head over to Bloke’s blog and check it out. Even if you do not want to read my guest post, please visit Bloke’s blog! It is full of excellent poetry that is easy to understand, instead of being overloaded with metaphors. It is definitely worth a read.

I would like to thank Bloke for asking me to participate in his Truly Inspired series. It was a lot of fun!

8 Thoughts

  1. Hi Josh! It’s been a while since I visited your blog, I won’t make excuses. :-) But I’m happy I didn’t miss this brilliant post about your creative process. Very enjoyable, indeed. And oh yes, sound advice: “…do not forget to get outside!”

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    1. Hi Khaya! No excuses are needed: how you choose to spend your time is up to you. I’m just happy you stopped by :)

      Thanks for the compliments about the post! Since writing is typically an indoor activity, we have to make sure we set aside time to get outside and be active.

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