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Hello everyone, this post represents a considerable departure from my usual content. But I can explain!

David (aka Chape) is one of my oldest friends on WordPress. He was one of the first bloggers who followed me, and I have always enjoyed reading his posts. He publishes a lot of fascinating information about the human body, with a particular emphasis on how to stay fit.

In addition, David is one of the nicest people I have ever met. When I told him that I have long-term knee pain from martial arts practice, he sent me a list of exercises I can do to strengthen my knees. For free.

Monica, another one of my best friends on WordPress, has just written a little blurb about David’s blog and personal training services. Please check it out!

David did not ask me to write this piece for him; I merely saw Monica’s post and wanted to help out my friend. So please, check out David’s blog!

look around!


by Monica

Hey! Hi guys!

I heard that you want to be in shape. To be fit. And, finally, to be healthy. When I started blogging I found a very nice blog about fitness. A blog about how to have a healthy and active life spending not too much time. I have to recognize, at that time I was practicing Volleyball, Boxing and Taekwondo. But, the exercises I saw on that blog were very similar to what I used (and I still use) to maintain my shape. Other things I appreciated on that blog were the playlists and the recipes. Because of all that, I read more and, normally, I became a good friend with the blog owner, David. He’s a very dedicated person and he loves what he does. That’s why I recommend him everytime I can.


If you…don’t have too much time for yourself…

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