Interview with The Jaguar


Mountains in Northern California, which I had the privilege of viewing whilst on a mountain lion (Puma concolor) tracking workshop.

Well well, it appears that someone has turned to Q&A lens on me this time.


My friend Jess, whom I recently published a Q&A post on, sent me five questions of her own. I answered them, and now she has published the finished post on her blog.


Go check it out!


josh Josh Gross, author of The Jaguar and Allies. Photo credit here.

Josh Gross isn’t a jaguar, but he probably knows more about the species than they know about themselves. Josh is a conservation blogger and acquaintance of mine from the environmental blogging community here on WordPress. As author of The Jaguar and Allies blog, he has written about a broad range of environmental topics from international traveling to tiger reintroductions to surrounding social issues and of course, jaguar conservation. I hope you get to know him more and learn a little while you read the following interview.

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12 Thoughts

    1. Hi Katie, it really helps. The research process goes a lot faster when you have your own library of sources to draw from, and having a working bibliography means you just have to copy and paste many of your citations.


  1. Great interview, Josh! Awesome to see how you’re connecting with other bloggers with guest posts :) Keep up your great work, looking forward to see what’s coming next! :D

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