Introducing the new Jaguar 2030 Conservation Roadmap, and the First International Jaguar Day

Jaguar on the Prowl by Gerry Zambonini. CC BY-SA 2.0

A recent press release from the conservation organization Panthera contains exciting news. The 18 jaguar range countries in Latin America, along with a host of concerned organizations – including Panthera, the WWF, the WCS, and the UNDP – have agreed on a new plan to save jaguars.

They are calling this plan the “Jaguar 2030 Roadmap,” and it entails a doubling-down of efforts to conserve jaguars and the priceless ecosystems that they neighbors rely on. This is an international plan, stressing cooperation between countries, with is essential when dealing with wide-ranging animals like jaguars.

The 2030 Roadmap stresses the importance of sustainable development, climate change mitigation, reducing human-jaguar conflicts, curbing the growing illegal trade in jaguar parts, and more. It also lays out the framework for the first ever International Jaguar Day.

International Jaguar Day, which will be celebrated annually on November 29, is all about recognizing the importance of jaguars and the unique landscapes they inhabit. As an apex predator that has played vital ecological and spiritual roles for centuries, the jaguar is a truly extraordinary cat. It is time to honor them on a grander scale – along with the individuals and organizations who work to conserve them.

For more information, follow the link below to Panthera’s press release.

Click Here for Panthera’s Press Release about the Jaguar 2030 Roadmap

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