Brent’s Chat 05: Follow-up to “Re-collaring a Male Lion”

Lions by Aboeka. Retrieved from Pixabay.

On April 1, I shared a video by PaintedDog TV called “Re-collaring a Male Lion.” Here’s a follow-up video that Brent Leo-Smith and Wium Dornbrack made to answer viewers’ questions.

My first post about “Re-collaring a Male Lion” earned many comments, some of which expressed concerns about the video.

One reader asked why the scientists didn’t use a tracking chip instead of a bulky-looking GPS collar, and another had several concerns about safety. Among other things, he indicated that Brent and the scientists could’ve waited for the sedative in the tranquilizer dart to take affect before approaching the large, male lion.

Brent addresses some of those issues in the fifth installment of “Brent’s Chat,” which he and Wium released last week. Here it is:

Brent’s Chat 05,” in which Brent Leo-Smith answers viewers’ questions about “Re-collaring a Male Lion.”

Here’s the “extra clip” that Brent mentions in “Brent’s Chat 05,” which shows how the team kept the other two lions at bay while they were replacing the sedated lion’s collar:

I hope these two videos answer some of the questions you had about “Re-collaring a Male Lion.” Even if they don’t, perhaps you’ll learn something from other viewers’ queries.

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