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Here’s a super cool post from Beaton, one of my oldest friends on the blogosphere. In it, he recounts a workshop he attended about how blogging can be used to make local governance better for everybody. While the workshop was geared towards southern Africa, the ideas discussed there could enhance local governance everywhere. Since good governance is a major part of effective – and equitable – conservation, I had to share this post.

Becoming The Muse

The Connect.Hubs
initiative was started to foster collaborative projects between various social
and creative hubs in Southern Africa

LobbyBlog Zimbabwe is a collaboration between The Municipal Review and Afrobloggers to bring about Blogging For Accountability, promoting blogging as a platform to not only hold the local government to accountability and transparency but also allow for engagement with the councillors to keep track of service delivery concerns.

LobbyBlogZim Blogging for accountability

The first workshop on Blogging For Accountability was hosted in Bulawayo 18 April 2019 and the sessions included presentations on:

Public Relations and Accountability by Mr T. Nkomo of Maracomms Global

Thando Nkomo 
  takes young women through a session on public relations and accountability during the #bloggingforaccountability training.

“public relations should be about building relationships with all stakeholders for accountability”

Mr Nkomo broke down
the TARES test which is a set of principles governing ethical PR

T – Truthful

A – Authentic

R – Respect

E – Equity

S – Social Responsibilty

State of Local Governance by Mr B. H. Moyo…

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