Q&A with Brent and Wium of PaintedDog TV

A painted dog (Lycaon pictus) in stunning light. Photo courtesy of PaintedDog.TV/Brent Leo- Smith.

PaintedDog TV is a brand-new production company that’s been putting out amazing content. They uploaded their first video to YouTube just over a month ago, but the quality of their cinematography floored me from the start.

In fact, PaintedDog TV’s “Safari with Brent” series contains some of the best wildlife films I’ve ever seen: “Safari with Brent 02: Cheetahs of Leadwood” is just about perfect.

Given the caliber of their work, I couldn’t resist asking Brent Leo-Smith and Wium Dornbrack of PaintedDog TV to participate in a Q&A. They graciously agreed, and even replied in video format.

I interjected the questions directly into Brent and Wium’s video, making for the first multimedia interview on The Jaguar and Allies. Here it is:

Be sure to click “HD” to watch in higher quality!

I’d like to sincerely thank Brent and Wium for taking time out of their busy schedules to do this Q&A. Please, head over to their website to learn more about PaintedDog TV! Also, don’t forget to browse their YouTube channel!

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