Check Your Spam Folders, Please!

A young snow leopard at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo reacts to the voice of one of her keepers. Photo by me. CC BY 2.0

It’s been brought to my attention by WordPress friends like Chape and Beaton that my comments on other people’s blogs have been ending up in their spam folders.

I don’t know why this is, but I suspect it might be related to the fact that I keep asking people to help me transport vast sums of gold from Nigeria. Regardless, I’d appreciate it if you’d check your spam folders to make sure that none of my comments are in there. This might be especially true for Hunida and Zarbakht.

Note: I’ve never actually asked anyone to help me transport gold from Nigeria. Please don’t arrest me, CIA.

Also, for the past two weeks the new Gutenberg editor has been broken for me.

More specifically, whenever I use the block editor all of the captions in all of the posts in which I’ve used that editor appear as normal-sized text, which looks terrible. When I switch to the classic editor, the problem goes away. Does anyone have any idea of why that might be?

Thanks in advance for any insights you might have.

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  1. the young snow leopard seems to be saying Gold? what Gold? There’s no gold back here only allies
    Hahaha I think you really did something to set off the WP tech gods

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    1. Haha the snow leopard is hiding the gold!
      WP must’ve decided that my comments are full of treacherous content that will corrupt the youth of America. Either that, or there’s just a random bug that’s no one’s “fault,” per se. I like the first answer though, because it’s more dramatic :P

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  2. Hmm…it happens to me too. It’s a conspiracy… ;)
    It’s why I now make it a habit to check my spam folders regularly. Mixed in with real spam messages, are also genuine comments from blogger friends.

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  3. The Spam folder has been an issue for me for well over a year. It was pretty bad when it happened the first time. Every comment of mine would end up in the Spam folder of whomever I tried to talk to. I was never really told why. Since then, I check my Spam folder regularly.

    I am not using the new editor just yet. I like the classic one, so no need to use the Gutenberg. But I have been playing with it.

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    1. That’s what’s been happening for me: every comment I’ve made for the past week has ended up in people’s spam folders. The problem seems to be better now, as soon as I complained about it.

      I like the Gutenberg editor a lot, which is why I was bummed when it stopped working for me. Luckily one of WP’s happiness engineers has helped me to get the new editor working for me again.

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    1. Haha there used to be some very funny scam emails going around in which the sender pretended to be someone who manages vast amounts of money in some far-away country. There was always an emergency that required the person to find someone to help them transport huge sums of money, always for a massive profit to whoever helped the person transport the money. My “transporting gold from Nigeria” line was a nod to that ridiculous scam.

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        1. Haha the craziest scam I’ve heard about is that one time, I got an email from an alleged “princess” in some African country that I’m pretty sure was made up, saying that she needed to escape her country and needed money to help her. Of course, she said she’d give me a huge sum of money later.

          I’m still waiting for that money :P

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          1. 😂😂 oh my that’s hilarious, wait did you actually fall for it?

            On a completely different story I’m no African princess but maybe I can send you an email with my WhatsApp number so we can keep better in touch.

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          2. Haha no, I didn’t fall for the scam. Watch though, I bet some day I’ll find out that that email was completely legit, and not a scam at all! I could’ve made millions of dollars… :D

            Sure, email away! Great idea!

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  4. I came across your plea for help about all your comments ending up in other blogger’s WordPress spam folders, while searching for some posts about the Gutenberg editor. It’s been happening to lots of bloggers and first started happening about three years ago. This post (I wrote) will tell you what you need to do to stop it happening.

    I hope it helps.

    With regards to the Gutenberg editor, I’m a massive fan of it. Glad to read that the WordPress engineers sorted out the problem you were having with it.

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    1. Thanks Hugh! I’ll definitely check out your post! Not being able to comment on other people’s blogs kind of defeats the purpose of blogging.

      I love the Gutenberg editor too, so I’m quite happy that the WordPress engineers got it working for me again.

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      1. Absolutely, Josh. Leaving meaningful comments is one of the key elements of blogging. Most comments go a long way in proving that what we have publish has been read and enjoyed. It makes blogging very worthwhile knowing that we have an audience who is listening to what we have to say.

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