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Image by Klaus Hausmann from Pixabay.

Have you ever wondered what it means when people refer to the Stone, Bronze, or Iron Ages? I did, until I started working on my latest article for StoneAgeMan.

As it turns out, the above terms refer to one of prehistoric archeology’s first dating system: the Three-Age System.

The creation of the Three-Age System is usually credited to Christian Jürgensen Thomsen (1789 – 1865), a Danish museum curator who chose to arrange the artifacts in the Royal Musueum of Nordic Antiquities according to the relative dates he thought they had been made in. Thomsen claimed that first came stone tools and weapons, then bronze; and, lastly, iron.

Thomsen was not the first person to propose a stone-bronze-iron age system of technological development, but he benefitted from excellent timing and his apprentice, J. J. Worsae, who supported Thomsen’s theory with evidence from the field.

Read more at StoneAgeMan! The Three-Age System may seem like a simple concept today, but it revolutionized archaeology in the 19th Century.

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