The journey of a high-flying lawyer who became a conservationist

Here’s the amazing story of Tatjana (AKA Tanya) Rosen‘s journey to becoming a conservationist. As you can see, she’s had to make several huge changes in her life, even though they were filled with uncertainty.

Be In The Change

Tatjana Rosen, UNEP Vanishing Treasures Technical Adviser for Kyrgyzstan and Lead of Team Bars Turkmenistan.

Like countless others, as a child, I loved nature and animals and longed to be either a veterinarian or study the behavior of wildlife. I was an introverted kid and found joy in rescuing all sorts of animals, from stray dogs to birds and bats, or spending hours watching wildlife.

However, when I was 17, the war in the former Yugoslavia — a home to me and my family — erupted, causing a period of uncertainty, loss, and grief. Although nature remained my escape and passion, my priorities changed: I wanted to become a UN peace negotiator. And therefore I thought I should become an international lawyer first.

From dreams to reality

I breezed through law school in Italy: I studied with this sense of greater purpose and exams came easy. I finished in…

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