Spring 2023 Updates

I’ve now been posting regularly for the past four months, and The Jaguar and Allies is coming back to life. This might be a short reprieve, though. There are more changes on the horizon that could, once again, compromise my ability to work on this blog.

Fall 2021 Updates

This has been a crazy year. As you may recall, in my last post (which I had to take down due to ‘friendly encouragement’), I stated that my AmeriCorps term with the Montana State Parks wasn’t going well. In fact, it was going so poorly that I quit. When I did so, Parks staff in western Montana learned about my situation, and…

Fall 2020 Updates

The year 2020 is almost over, and I expect that many people are glad of it. While this was a difficult year for me, it was also a surprisingly good one. Now, as Winter approaches, it’s time for me to leave Colorado and begin the next phase of my journey.