Spring 2023 Updates

Some purple flowers.
Nothing says Spring like flowers! Ignore the fact that this photo was taken during the height of Summer.

I honestly never thought I’d write this update. Last year I was planning to shut this blog down, because I no longer had the time to maintain it. I’ve now been posting regularly for the past four months, and The Jaguar and Allies is coming back to life.

This might be a short reprieve, though. There are more changes on the horizon that could, once again, compromise my ability to work on this blog.

New Job

I’ve recently accepted a job with The Nature Conservancy, performing ecological restoration near the borders of the U.S. states of Ohio and Pennsylvania.

This won’t be glamorous work: it’ll be physically hard, I’ll sweat a lot, and I won’t be in a ‘mythological’ location like Maine. But this job will allow me to spend the next six months outdoors, engaging with the Earth in a more specialized way than I was doing before. Consequently, this role should help me to build new skills.

Of course, this new job will affect how much time I have to work on ‘extra’ projects, like this blog. Speaking of which…

Slightly Altered Focus

I’ve accepted that I won’t be able to bring back the glory days of The Jaguar and Allies, because I can no longer spend weeks locating, reading, and synthesizing dozens of scientific articles for a single (unpaid) post. As such, I’m going to write about the topics that interest me, even if they’re a little off brand.

In practice, this means that I’m going to blog about aspects of the “human dimensions” of conservation that aren’t cat-related more regularly than I’ve done in the past. Essentially, since I’ve accepted defeat, I’m going to use this blog to learn about topics that I’m interested in.

I’m also going to keep blogging about my time in Colorado and Montana. These posts aren’t nearly as popular as my cat-centric ones, but writing about these experiences is helping me to process them.


That’s all, folks! Hopefully I’ll have more exciting updates to share in the near future, and some photos that aren’t 2-3 years old.

8 Thoughts

    1. Thank you! It makes me feel better to hear that you love the Conservancy! They seem like a good group to get involved with, because they do a wide variety of work all over the world.


  1. Hi Josh, I just read this update. Congratulations on your position at The Nature Conservancy! Sounds really interesting. Look forward to hearing more about your ecological restoration work and the blog posts you share with us here :)

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