Upcoming Free Webinar About Mountain Lion Kittens With Dr. Mark Elbroch

Mountain Lion (Felis concolor) Kitten by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife. CC BY 2.0
Mountain Lion (Felis concolor) Kitten by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife. CC BY 2.0

An exciting event is coming up that you will not want to miss. From 12 – 1 pm PST (9 – 10 am EST) on Wednesday, November 2, Sharon Negri of WildFutures will be hosting a free webinar with Dr. Mark Elbroch about mountain lion kittens. Dr. Elbroch is the Lead Scientist for Panthera’s Puma Program, and he has been studying cougars (Puma concolor) for many years. He will be sharing key insights about young mountain lions, meaning up until the age of dispersal.

This free webinar is titled Mountain Lion Kittens: Trials, Triumphs & Tragedies, and it will be an excellent use of your time. I tuned into the last WildFutures webinar about the Connecticut Cat, and it was highly educational. The ability to send in questions and hear them answered during the webinar was also quite exciting. Therefore I can fully vouch for the value of these events, and I highly recommend you register for the upcoming webinar with Dr. Elbroch.

Click here to register for Mountain Lion Kittens: Trials, Triumphs & Tragedies with Dr. Mark Elbroch

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    1. Hey Yvonne! It’s so good to hear from you! I miss being able to chat with you as frequently as I used to, but I understand we’re both really busy.

      And yeah, that photo is gorgeous. Whoever took it must’ve been incredibly lucky, unless it was a captive mountain lion kitten.

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      1. Hi Josh, I missed being on here as much as before. I am slowly but surely making my way back on here to do more writing. I had a few things to take care of, but I do miss the interaction as well. In the meantime, I hope all has remained well for you.

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        1. Good to hear it! I might actually be on here a little less in the coming weeks though, since my semester’s about to get even more busy. I also might have an interesting study opportunity coming up, although it’s a bit early to tell. But if it does materialize much of my time will be spent preparing for it.

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