Update from Belize

The boss’ cabin at Texas Camp in the Rio Bravo Conservation Area in Belize.

Hello everyone, it is wonderful to be writing again. I just wanted to give you a quick update on how my travels are progressing.

I have now been in Belize for over a month, and I have had many adventures during that time. I spent three weeks performing archaeological work in the jungle (the Rio Bravo Conservation and Management Area, to be exact), and have since been speaking to people about jaguar conservation in Belize. Now that my time here is almost up, I am beginning to synthesize all that I have learned. Hopefully this will help me develop some research questions for my upcoming master’s thesis.

At any rate, I will be writing extensively about my experiences once I return to the US. For now, these photos will have to serve as a quick preview:


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    1. The tiny house I stayed in was really nice. It had everything I needed, and the small space encouraged me to spend more time outside. I might look into getting a tiny home in the future, especially if I end up doing more traveling! No point in buying a big house if I’m not usually there.


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