Announcing the Featured Artist Series

One does not need to be a scientist to contribute to wildlife conservation: artists, outdoors-people, surfers, and many others can play important roles in creating a better future for people and wildlife.

In recognition of the contributions of artists in particular, I’m launching a new series on The Jaguar and its Allies called The Featured Artist.

Every few months, I’ll publish a Q&A or interview with a nature-based artist. I’ll also display a selection of their work in the Featured Artist Gallery, with a short artist statement to accompany each piece.

The Featured Artist series will give nature-based artists a platform on which to promote their work, while enabling you and I to get to know the contributors better. I also hope that the digital art gallery on my blog will inspire you to visit one of the many art institutions around the world, which are excellent places to spend a morning or afternoon.

I’ll release the first Featured Artist installment next week. The contributing artist will be a woman who advocates for wildlife both with her camera and her words, and who has garnered significant attention at a young age.

Stay tuned!

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  1. Dear John, Thanks very much for letting me know about this. My coauthor John Harris and are producing a new book for Columbia University Press that deals extensively with big cat origins and conservation, and is heavily illustrated with new drawings and paintings. We would be very interested in participating with you on your project. Thanks, Mark Hallett

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