I’m Back

The view from my cabin at 3 Seasons Camp.

In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve now returned from my stay at 3 Seasons Camp on Lake Kipawa, Quebec.

I’ve actually been back for over a week. However, I took an additional week off from this blog to focus on real life: searching intently for Ph.D. programs centered around human-nature relations and hunting for jobs that will move me forward. In addition, I’ve been laying the groundwork for an article that I hope to write about the trip I just took.

I’ll be blogging about the trip too; but, as I stated before, I don’t want to give too much away until after the formal article’s been published.

While I have to continue spending time away from this site – attending to more important matters – I do have a few posts in the works. Thus, I’m not going to completely go away.

I hope that everyone’s been well! My comments are still being classed as spam, so I won’t be very active on other people’s blogs until that’s taken care of.

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