New Article Published!

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I’m excited to announce that I’ve just had a new article published for a website called Stone Age Man! The article is an introduction to archaeology titled, “Archaeology: The Science of Uncovering the past.”

Why Archaeology?

This new direction may seem odd, given that I’ve been all about wildlife conservation for the past four years. In actuality, it makes perfect sense.

As many of you know, two years ago I went insane and joined an archaeological field school in Belize called the Programme for Belize Archaeological Project (PfBAP). I was hoping that enrolling in the school would put me in a position to begin crafting a master’s thesis related to jaguar conservation in that small, Central American country.

While that thesis didn’t work out – despite me spending three weeks after the field school learning about jaguar conservation in Belize – I’ve remained curious about archaeology ever since.

Now that I’m done with my degree, I’ve begun to explore archaeology in greater depth. I volunteered at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History‘s field digs this past summer, am now an official volunteer in their archaeology lab, and have been reading as much about the science as I can.

These efforts have culminated in my new article, which serves as a basic introduction to the science of archaeology.

What’s Next?

Expect more articles from me about archaeology in the future, on Stone Age Man and potentially elsewhere.

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    1. There’s still time, David! You may not be able to start a new career in archaeology, but there are lots of ways to get involved in the science as an amateur. Most of the volunteer archaeologists I know are retired, and the field school I was at in 2017 takes volunteers from all over the world.

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      1. I read it on Sunday when I got the mail notification but I didn´t comment because, you know, Sunday is day off :D I will try to find “Three stones make a wall” in Spanish.
        Don´t worry about your comments, they went to the right place, not the spam folder. Here was 3am when you wrote them and I was sleeping ;)

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        1. Haha I should try taking a day off, I bet I’d get more done with a short break!

          “Three stones make a wall” gives a great history of archaeology, but I’m not sure if it’s been released in Spanish yet. I should contact the author and offer to translate it for a fee :P

          Okay, I start to panic every time I don’t immediately see my comments pop up in the comments feed because for a while they were all ending up in people’s spam folders :D

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          1. Sure thing you should take a day off. This is like working out, both body and mind need some rest 😁
            You definitely should offer to translate the book, and ask for a good/high fee 💪But if doesn’t work, I guess I can read the English version 😂😂
            And take it easy, your comments are well delivered (at least on my blog, haha)

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      1. Oooh that’s interesting! Social and physical sciences really really interest me. I’m currently trying to decide between degrees to do after my foundation year, one of which is Zoology and one of which is Neuroscience.

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          1. Yeah that’s the only problem and a lot of people keep reminding me about that. I think in the end I am going to go for neuroscience since there’s a lot I want to research to do with it. Thanks for the advice!

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    1. Thanks for stopping by! Your book was a key source in helping me get up-to-speed on the history of archaeology.

      Also, thanks for the link to the Spanish edition of your book! @chape might be grateful for that too.

      Lastly, while you’re here, I don’t suppose you know of any peer-reviewed journal articles on the three age system? I’m working on an article explaining what it means when archaeologists say Stone, Bronze, or Iron Age, and want to make sure I have the best sources I can find.


      1. I haven’t read either of the following, but they are recent, both by the same person, and the book got a very good review (and will have lots of references in its bibliography, so it’s probably a very good place to start):

        The Three Age System in English: new translations of the founding documents; Peter Rowley-Conwy

        From Genesis to Prehistory
        The Archaeological Three Age System and its Contested Reception in Denmark, Britain, and Ireland
        Peter Rowley-Conwy
        Oxford Studies in the History of Archaeology

        Review of the book:


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