The Jaguar Featured as a Top Zoo and Wildlife Blog!

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Just as I was wondering if I should continue this blog, I received an awesome message from Anna Hansen of!

She said that she loves my site, and wanted to feature it in Sparpedia’s list of Top Zoo and Wildlife Blogs of 2020!

This was completely unexpected, and it’s amazing to be featured alongside established platforms like,, and

As I said when I made the top-25 list on, nearly all of the other featured websites have teams of people running them, and, I’m assuming, pump more resources into them than I do (since I’ve never paid for an ad).

It’s remarkable that my little blog, which is completely non-commercial and run by a single person in his spare time, has once again appeared in a list with major players in the wildlife realm.

This listing on Sparpedia confirms by belief that I need to stop messing around and do this blogging stuff ‘for real.’

Like I mentioned in this update, however, that probably means starting a new blog that incorporates what I’ve learned from The Jaguar.

The new platform I’m envisioning would be a more general science communication website, with sections for wildlife biology, psychology, archaeology, and – most importantly – science communication itself.

I want to help publicize research that explores how to talk about science in ways that positively impact people’s behavior. Furthermore, I want to give other scicommers a resource they can use to find inspiration and share their work (videos, photos, guest posts, etc.).

Essentially, the new site I’m dreaming up would be a continuation of the work I started with my master’s thesis.

Of course, the trick will be figuring out how to earn enough money from such a platform to be able to devote more than two hours a week to it. If anyone has any ideas, please share!

I’ve no idea when my new website will be live, but it won’t be soon. Regardless, I’m incredibly grateful to Ms. Hansen for listing The Jaguar as a Top Zoo and Wildlife Blog!

Please check out Sparpedia’s list and visit some of the other excellent blogs it features!

20 Thoughts

  1. Congratulations Josh!!! You really deserve this one and more recognition.
    You do great work so keep going… by any means ;) Sooner or later you´ll get paid for it
    Big hugs!!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks Naila!

      I’m having a tough time with this pandemic: lots of changes and not many options for moving forward. My main concern, though, is for all the people who’ve lost loved ones, or who can’t visit their loved ones for fear of spreading the virus.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. This virus has the whole world on a halt. It’s quite unreal what’s happening right now.

        My word it’s mercilessly taking people out and your forced to be by yourself at a time when you need your loved ones most.

        Take care of yourself, and be safe.

        Liked by 1 person

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