Free, Upcoming Webinar about Urban Mountain Lions

8th Place – Mountain Lion by USFWS Mountain-Prairie. CC BY 2.0

There’s an exciting webinar coming up on May 15 that you’ll not want to miss. It’s being hosted by Sharon Negri of WildFutures, and it’s titled Big Cats in the City: Ecology, Behavior and Conservation of Mountain Lions around Los Angeles.

For this webinar, Ms. Negri will interview Dr. Seth Riley. For 18 years, Dr. Riley has worked at Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area near Los Angeles. He specializes in studying how urbanization and roadways affect a wide range of animals, including mountain lions (Puma concolor) and bobcats (Lynx rufus). As such, Dr. Riley is uniquely suited to talk about the wild cats that call the LA area home.

WildFutures had this to say about the webinar in a recent email:

In this interactive webinar, Seth will share what he and his colleagues have learned about how mountain lions manage in crowded urban landscapes. With footage from hidden cameras, photographs, and detailed maps, you will learn how these animals are crossing freeways, how well they reproduce and survive, threats they face from being isolated in their shrinking habitat, and the impact of less obvious threats such as rodenticides. Seth will also talk about how residents in Los Angeles are learning to live with their wild neighbors, the triumphs of past and current conservation efforts, and what it all means for the future of these big cats.

This should be an awesome webinar! It’s taking place from 12 noon – 1 pm Pacific Time (3 – 4 pm EST) on Tuesday, May 15. Be sure to follow the link below to register in advance! I already have, twice (by accident).

Click Here to Register for WildFutures’ May 15 Webinar about Urban Mountain Lions

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