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Osaka, Japan by Pedro Szekely. CC BY-SA 2.0

Every family has its underachiever (a completely unsubstantiated claim for which I have no evidence), and in my family that is definitely me; my siblings are far more accomplished than I am. My sister, for instance, is professor at Baldwin Wallace University with a PhD in Communications.

My sister and one of her colleagues, Dr. Stephanie Richman, are traveling to Japan. Their ultimate goal is to launch a communications-oriented study abroad program. For this trip, however, my sister and Dr. Richman are trying to learn more about Japanese life and culture. This will inform the development of their study abroad program, and allow them to be better mentors for incoming students.

Both my sister and Dr. Richman will be blogging every day during their trip. This should be exciting! I know next to nothing about Japan, other than what I learned through the Dragon Ball shows. However, I have begun to suspect that Saiyans are not real. I am thus looking forward to learning about the actual Japan.

Be sure to check out my sister’s blog and consider giving her a follow! This trip should be quite the experience.

Click Here to Visit my Sister’s Japan Travel Blog

25 Thoughts

  1. Being an achiever is overrated Josh, do your own thing and you will be happier in the long run :)

    Take that from an under achiever :)

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      1. you have inspired me to write two posts this week Josh. One about this ‘achievement’ topic and 2 about your magical happiness defining question in the Liebster.

        Will keep you posted.

        Just be you Josh, do what makes you happy and do what makes you feel whole.

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      1. I’m glad she had a good time in Japan and a positive experience. I believe there are nice people in every country – it gives us some hope for humanity ;)

        Japan is quite a large country, with a wide range of habitats and nature. We have at least 2 world natural habitat designated sites and lots of wildlife. You’d like it :)

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        1. Actually, I watched an Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown episode about Hokkaido, and I was enchanted. The snowy, mountain landscapes were incredible, and the people he met were always laughing! I also took a Japanese Art History class many years ago, and was very impressed. So yes, I’d love to go to Japan one day! I think I’d have a great time there.

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